10 Health Benefits from a 10% Weight Loss

#10  Lowers the risk of developing gallstones and developing gallbladder disease.

#9  Lowers the risk of sleep apnea, a serious breathing difficulty during sleep.

#8  Lowers the risk of congestive heart failure.  Excess weight puts stress on the      heart and lungs.

#7  Reduces the risks of some types of cancer. A healthy weight and a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are great ways to reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.

 #6  Puts less stress on your bones and joints, especially the knees.

#5   Lowers the risks of heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

#4  Reduces the risk of developing diabetes and helps control blood sugar levels if you are already diabetic.

#3  Reduces blood pressure.  Even a small weight loss can help to lower high blood pressure.

#2  Improves your ability to move and do activities.  Losing weight makes every step and breathe easier.

#1  The # 1 reason to lose weight is …
You will feel better!  Set a goal to lose 10% and Get Started!

Kill the Cravings and Slash the Calories

Before giving in to the urge to eat when you might not be hungry, ask yourself:

Am I hungry or am I thirsty?

Asking yourself this question is another level of defense to help you prevent unnecessary and mindless eating.  If you don’t drink enough water, or you miss the cues to thirst, you could be eating for the wrong reason.  It’s quite common to misinterpret the body signalling dehydration for hunger.  During these times we can easily substitute an urge to eat with a tall, refreshing glass of water and feel satisfied.

Getting to your desired weight doesn’t happen overnight.  But when you make small, sustainable changes one after another – like drinking more water, for example, great things happen.  You see, water not only helps you feel full,  but is necessary for many aspects of health and weight management.

I want you to use the key question to differentiate thirst from hunger. Be comfortable saying,  “You know what? I’ll have a glass of water instead and see how I feel afterwards.”

How does it feel knowing you can turn to water for refreshment instead of being dependent on overeating?

Practice this behavior whenever you feel an urge to eat and you’ll be surprised to discover how many calories you are able to save!