10 Health Benefits from a 10% Weight Loss

#10  Lowers the risk of developing gallstones and developing gallbladder disease.

#9  Lowers the risk of sleep apnea, a serious breathing difficulty during sleep.

#8  Lowers the risk of congestive heart failure.  Excess weight puts stress on the      heart and lungs.

#7  Reduces the risks of some types of cancer. A healthy weight and a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are great ways to reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.

 #6  Puts less stress on your bones and joints, especially the knees.

#5   Lowers the risks of heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

#4  Reduces the risk of developing diabetes and helps control blood sugar levels if you are already diabetic.

#3  Reduces blood pressure.  Even a small weight loss can help to lower high blood pressure.

#2  Improves your ability to move and do activities.  Losing weight makes every step and breathe easier.

#1  The # 1 reason to lose weight is …
You will feel better!  Set a goal to lose 10% and Get Started!

Exercise fitTip: Consistency is Key

Whether you workout 3 days a week, or 6 days a week, the important thing is to keep it consistent.  Consistency is to keep the momentum going, keep plugging away at your routine diligently because eventually you will reach that pinnacle where the “magic” happens.  That’s the point when you will start to see real results taking shape!  Without consistency, you will never reach that pinnacle.  Breaking the routine can set you back further and make it difficult to get back on track.

Consistency creates habits.  Habits make the difference between success or failure.  Habits can be positive or negative.  Did you know that “quitting” or “slacking” is a habit?  Every time you slack off or make excuses, you are creating a habit that sends a message to your subconscious that you are helpless and this could potentially damage your self-esteem.  When we quit or slack, we usually don’t feel good about it or about ourselves.  On the other hand, if you take action every time you feel like quitting, you will gain confidence and feel stronger.  This strength will help you to remain consistent.

Life happens and sometimes, the routine demands of life will overload you, or unexpected events will blow in from nowhere and threaten to drive you off track.  When such things happen, confront the urge to give up.  There may be times, you’ll be tempted to rationalize, “Well, I’ll quit for now, but I’ll get back on track tomorrow or next week”.  Don’t do it!  Instead, take immediate action by plugging away toward your goals before the temptation to quit gets too strong.

The person who takes action every single day toward the attainment of their goal will always triumph over those who do it every once in a while.