Weekly fitTip: Make ‘Room’ for Treats

Now that Halloween’s come and gone, what’s left behind is the hoard of candy and the daily temptation that comes with it.  An ideal solution would be to get rid of it by giving it away, sharing it, or just throwing it out.  In reality, that’s just not going to happen!  Whose going to take your candy when everyone’s got tons of their own.  Throwing it away seems a little extreme and irrational, I mean, why take it in the first place to throw out in the end?

The reasonable solution is what I like to call, “making room”.  Allowing yourself a treat is fine, even if it is daily, but you need to compensate for that treat.  In order to ‘fit’ that treat into your diet, you’ll need to make room in terms of calories.  Give up some extra calories during the day, like a soda, latte, cookies, or chips, to make an allowance for the treat calories.  I emphasize giving up ”extra calories” because these are calories that you could otherwise do without, as opposed to nutrient rich calories which are a necessary part of your daily dietary requirement.  By practicing ‘making room’,  you can enjoy your treat guilt-free without consuming extra calories or packing on extra pounds.

Be sure to watch the portion size of your treat and avoid over indulging.

The Only Thing Scary About Halloween are the Calories!

Halloween is only a few days away. Do you have a game plan? Have you thought about how you’re going to handle having an abundance of candy around? You can’t go into this unprepared or it will only lead to complete sabotage!  Planning is a powerful tool and can help keep you on track.  The American Council on Exercise has some great suggestions in their article “How can I avoid Halloween weight gain without missing out on the fun“.

When we do indulge our sweet tooth, it helps to know how many calories we’re actually consuming.   Women’s Health Magazine has put together a list of 100-calorie candies in their newsletter, “The Healthiest Halloween Candy“.

With all this great advise, there’s no reason to stress about calories, everything is under control!  You can now focus on having fun, Happy Halloween!